About Floaties®

Floaties® are 100%¬†Australian since 1964

Proudly Australian

An Australian icon since 1964, Floaties® is synonymous with water safety and learning to swim.

Tried and Tested

For over 50 years Floaties® swimming aids have had the confidence of Australian parents to keep their kids safe in the water.

Fun and Playful

Floaties® products are colourful and playful on the outside for maximum fun! Yet practical and safe where it's most needed.


Floaties® has been around for generations of Australians. Always there when we've taken the plunge.


So that you can get water confident with the best.


We've been keeping Australians afloat since 1964.


Easy to use for both adults and kids, making water safety a breeze.


With cool colours, characters and patterns kids are sure to make a big splash!

Floaties® Products

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